Google Verification

tx-kennedaleResearch shows 97% of consumers use the web to find local goods and services, but only 37% of businesses have claimed a verified listing on search engines. Your customers are looking for you, but what are they finding? Information that is incorrect or not visible at all? The data from your google listing shows up in many different places; including all major search engines, maps, and more. Mobile traffic often begins and ends with the search engine, and with 30% of all online sales now happening on mobile devices, it’s critically important to take control of that information as a business owner.  KACC is now certified as an official Trusted Verifier through google, and can quickly get your company registered and showing up on searches, at no charge to you! The google my business listing can be as detailed as you like, and is optimized to appear on all formats and devices so your customers can find you wherever they are.


  • To qualify for a local listing and appear on maps, you must meet with customers face to face, either at a store or a specific service area.
  • We can only verify companies that have a location that receives mail, but that location does NOT need to be open to the public. (i.e. home based business that meets customers at their location)
  • If you do not meet the local listing requirement, you can still be verified as a Brand (i.e. Nike) but won’t appear on maps.
  • For KACC to verify you, we need to see a physical copy of some proof of business ownership, such as a business license, utility bills or bank statement. A business card is not acceptable, please contact us for specific questions. The person responsible for managing the business page (usually owner, but can be a marketing rep) must also have a gmail account they can access and will check.

KACC will walk through each person individually to check your business’ current listing and get you verified. We now offer this service completely free to local businesses by appointment only. The process takes about 10 minutes in the office and the verification is instant in most cases. To schedule an appointment for your company verification, contact KACC today!